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About is a mobile web application that gives anyone the ability to tip their favorite local artist in a secure and convenient way. Transactions are handle by Braintree, and getting started is as easy as navigating to It's just that easy.


On the home page of, after a location is determined, the closest artists are displayed.

After an artist is selected, there are options for bringing up a map and starting the tipping process.

Payment is made possible by Braintree, and can made using a credit card or PayPal

At this point the user could open the sidebar to return home or search for a specific artist.

If an artist wants to sign up for the service, login is available by email or Facebook.

An artist can personalize their information with an image, web site, and more.

After login, the artist has access to a different sidebar with new features.

An artist can add a show, telling users when and where they'll be playing

Meet the Team

Taylor Hayduk

Doug Shamoo

Rod Machen

Kevin Lee

Joe Brumaghim

Tech Stack